How to take the day off

Knowing the best way to remove your make-up is just as important as putting it on. Here are our top tips for the ultimate cleanse before bedtime 

The double cleanse

Removing your make-up properly every night is crucial to not only keep skin fresh for the next day (and avoiding unwanted breakouts), but also to keep it supple and firm. The best way to defy the process of ageing is with a good cleanse – twice.

We like to start the make-up removal process with an organic cotton muslin cloth or face pad. You can either do a first cleanse just with water to start with (this works better than you think!) or try a cleansing water to make sure stubborn make-up will budge.

For the second cleanse, we like to make sure every trace of make-up is removed with our Anti-Ageing facial wipes. You don’t need to feel bad about using a product like this every night as they will biodegrade!

 For the second cleanse, we like to make sure every trace of make-up is removed with our Anti-Ageing facial wipes

Prepping the skin

If you have a little extra time, after a good cleanse a sheet face mask before bed can do wonders. Just pop it on for 15 to 20 minutes until all the nutrient-rich product has been absorbed into your skin. Smooth in any excess and your face will be a prepped and ready blank canvas for any moisturisers, oils and essences you might use. 

Night-time treatments

To give our skin an extra pep, we always like to finish clean and hydrated skin with a little something extra. A Hydro Mist can add extra toning and glow, or you could massage an organic oil or essence into your skin. A firming and lifting eye cream can also be the perfect addition to your night-time ritual, particularly when patted softly around the eyes or smoothed in a circular motion. The skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive, so remember to take care.

 Skincare ritual before bedtime with rawganic

Although it takes a little time, your night-time ritual is one of the most important in skincare. If you remember to take the day off properly, it won’t come back to haunt you!

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