Our 5 favourite calming rituals in lockdown

2020 has brought a huge amount of disruption to us all. Whether you’re a key worker who’s rushed off their feet, or have suddenly found yourself with plenty of time on your hands, we know how crucial it is to maintain a routine that keeps you feeling good.

Here, we roundup our five favourite ways to find a moment of calm during lockdown.

  1. Cooking slow

Many people have found themselves working at home over the last couple of months, and cooking has provided much-needed solace. Methodical stirring, chopping and whisking can bring you into the moment with a bit of mindfulness, and allows you to create something tangible after a day sitting at a desk.

We’ve been using the extra cooking time to whip up Josephine O’Hare’s velvety beetroot dahl, and Meera Sodha’s luxurious caramelised onion ramen.

  1. Extra skincare time

Night-time skincare rituals have become more important than ever during lockdown. A soothing routine can help prepare you for a restful sleep and gives your skin a bit of pep for the next day.

We’re loving Lisa Eldridge’s facial massage routine with aloe vera plant, the perfect complement to our brightening and soothing sheet mask.

Enjoy time at home during lockdown. Slow cook, read, practise a bit of yoga to calm your mind.

  1. Focusing on breathing

Yoga helps counteract stressful periods in life by bringing you back to your breath, a really helpful practice for any anxiety. Whether you prefer a bit of meditation with apps like Headspace, or a more intense workout with pilates, breathing is key.

We’re enjoying a bit of yoga every morning with Adriene.

  1. Hydrating everything

Without the normal office routine, it’s easy to slip into bad habits. But ditching your water bottle now you’re at home isn’t a good idea. Keeping as hydrated as possible inside and out is a small thing that really can make a difference.

We’ve been juicing a bit of ginger for a morning wake-up and adding lemon and cucumber to our water to encourage us to drink as much as possible. For a hydration boost throughout the day we’re using our refreshing Hydro Mist.

Rawganic refreshing hydro mist helps you hydrate skin 24/7

  1. Reading a comforting classic

Taking a break from our screens is a helpful thing to make time for, and can boost wellbeing and reduce stress levels.

We’ve been curling up in People Tree knitwear with a good book. This month we’re loving The Green Roasting Tin cookbook and mystery novel Where the Crawdads Sing. Pure escapism.


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